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October Gonzalez


October Gonzalez is best known as the host of Beat Shazam, a game show on the Fox Network. She also regularly appeared in the Rachel Ray (Talk show). She is married to Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end, Tony Gonzalez.   

Our Connection


Friends for 15 years, we have done marriage and motherhood and life together.  We have laughed, cried and shared in each others joys and struggles.  This is our story of making tragedy our greatest gifts.    

Kelsey Chittick


Kelsey Chittick is a writer and comedian.  She is the creator of the blog "Does My Minivan Make Me Look Fat" and has performed all over LA at top comedy clubs including The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, and many others. 

What happens on KeepOn?

Each week, Keep On will provide you with tools and personal stories that help you navigate life biggest challenges. Through humor and raw honesty, this podcast will encourage you not just to survive but thrive. Keep On Keeping ON.

What will I experience?

You will learn how to Reframe your obstacles and tragedies into your greatest gifts. It will answer the question:  What if I knew the hard things were really the good things?  How would I walk through the world differently?

Why we want YOU to listen?

Because this Podcast is about Life and living it All In!  We believe in going through life with guns blaring... experiecing every bit of joy, pain and adventure you can imagine.  

We want to hear about your stories!  The ones that challenged you, inspired you, and the ones who made you who you are today.  No matter where you are or where you have been, just remember to KeepOn.  


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